Nebulizer Kit With A Disposable Nebulizer, Mouthpiece, T Adapter, Reservoir Tube, And 7' Of Tubing. Item Neb Kit 500

This is a disposable nebulizer kit meant to be used with a piston pump style nebulizer machine. This product provides 80% of particles within the respirable range to give you an effective treatment. Included with this set is a reservoir tube that increases the effectiveness of the nebulizer treatment because the reservoir tube prevents some of the medication from escaping into the outside air. This neb kit is disposable, meaning it is only good for 2- 4 weeks’ worth of treatments.

What's in the box: disposable nebulizer, mouthpiece, "T" adapter, reservoir tube, and 7' of tubing.

    Quantity: Each item
    SKU: NEB KIT 500
    McKesson Item # 53333900

    Quantity: Case of 50
    SKU: NEB KIT 500
    McKesson Item # 50033901