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DeVilbiss Healthcare was founded in 1888 as DeVilbiss Manufacturing by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, a country doctor. Dr. DeVilbiss developed an atomizer, which made it possible to spray medication in a patient’s nose or throat and eliminated the necessity for unpleasant and inefficient swabbing. Today, DeVilbiss Healthcare is a global manufacturer and distributor of Respiratory Therapy products and has established a reputation for excellence.

DeVilbiss develops and manufactures respiratory products for the Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy markets, as well as designing and manufacturing innovative products for the Sleep Therapy. DeVilbiss manufactures two very popular Oxygen Concentrators. One is a Home Oxygen Concentrators that is compact and provides 5 Liters of oxygen output and the other is a Portable Oxygen Concentrator.

DeVilbiss also manufactures several popular respiratory machines to assist people afflicted with asthma, sleep apnea, and a host of other respiratory ailments.

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