NebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System with Carrying Tote

About The nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System

This powerful system includes various additional accessories for maximum comfort, and provides quiet, discreet nebulizing treatments anywhere you go.

The nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System was designed to meet your on-the-go nebulizer needs. Easily operate the nebulizer no matter the size of your hand, thanks to its comfortable universal construction. This powerful device takes two common AA batteries, making it efficient to replace, and comes with the nebulizer, lanyard, medication cup, mouthpiece, adult mask, pediatric mask, USB cord and power plug, stylish hard-shell carrying case, and user manual. Look forward to your upcoming travels as your mind can rest easy having the new nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System, wherever you go!
Product Benefits:
  • Effectively delivers aerosolized medication.
  • Provides precise treatment utilizing a vibrating mesh technology for respiratory conditions.
  • Offers a compact, lightweight construction for portability.
  • Low-profile, sleek design enables easy operation.
  • Comes complete with a range of accessory for versatility.

Product Specifications / Dimensions

  • Dimensions: 3L x 1.6W x 2.9H (7.65cm x 4.1cm x 7.3cm)
  • Weight: 2.6 oz/74g (without batteries) 3.7 oz/104.9g (with batteries)
  • Particle Size: MMAD < 5¼m
  • Average Nebulization Rate: 0.25mL/min
  • Operating Cycle: 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off
  • Battery Life: Up to 90 minutes of continuous use; 4 days if used 20 min/day
  • Operating Temperature/Humidity Range: 50F to 104F (10C to 40C) /30-75%RH
  • Storage Temperature/Humidity Range: -4F to 158F (-20C to 70C) /20-80%RH
  • Power: Two AA Alkaline Batteries; USB Power Adapter
  • Power Input: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
  • Power Consumption: <1.5W
  • Medication Capacity: 6mL
  • Vibrating Frequency: 117kHz (+/- 15%)
  • Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty

How Does the nebGO work?

The nebGO uses vibrating mesh technology which has been shown to be more efficient than jet nebulizers (standard piston pump compressors). Inside the medication cup, there is an aperture plate that has tiny laser drilled holes in it, creating a mesh. The plate vibrates, and as the liquid medication passes through

More Information

The nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System takes portable to a new level. It's sleek and compact design makes nebulizing breathing treatments wherever you are a quick and easy process. The universal construction fits hands of all sizes and can be conveniently stowed in a pocket or bag during transport. Delivering powerful, quiet, and discreet nebulizer treatments anywhere you need by utilizing a vibrating mesh technology.

The light but sturdy casing of the nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System effectively protects the aerosol can from outside elements as long as it is stored between 50F to 104F (10C to 40C). Weighing in at only 3.7 ounces, including the two AA batteries, the nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer can be carried effortlessly around the neck on the blue lanyard that is included with this product. Additional components that also come with the nebGo Ultrasonic Travel Nebulizer System are the nebulizer unit and lanyard are the medication cup, mouthpiece, adult mask, pediatric mask, USB cord, and power plug, stylish hard shell carrying case, and user manual.