Allied® Suction Canister

Suction Canister Allied® 1500 mL Stem Lid
  • Accurate easy to read calibrations and an enlarged area in which to write patient information
  • The snap-on lid is easy to attach to the canister and virtually impossible to remove
  • Audible snap gives clear confirmation that the lid is properly sealed and secure
  • Hydrophobic filter self-sealing material improves flow 20%
  • When the filter comes into contact with moisture, it immediately stops flow from the patient and prevents fluids from entering the system
  • Built-in tubing hooks in the lid eliminate the need to coil up excess tubing, preventing kinks and occlusions
  • Caps for all ports are attached to the lid for convenience in sealing the canister after use
  • Includes stem inlet

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 20-08-0003
McKesson Item # 20594000

Quantity: Case of 48
SKU: 20-08-0003
McKesson Item # 20594008