3M™ Littmann® Select. Stethoscope

Classic Stethoscope Littmann® Select Black 1-Tube 28 Inch Tube Single Sided Chestpiece - Tunable Diaphragm
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • Auscultation for limited physical assessment and blood pressure.
  • Patented tunable diaphragm conveniently alternated between the low and high frequency sounds without the need to turn over the chest piece.
  • Offers the portable convenience of a single-sided chest piece.
  • Angled, anatomically correct headset provides user comfort and better acoustical seal.

Color: Black
SKU: 2290
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Color: Royal Blue
SKU: 2298
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Color: Burgundy
SKU: 2293
McKesson Item # 22932500