Adjust-A-Heel Lift™ Heel Lift

Heel Lift Adjust-A-Heel Lift™ Large
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • Simple, convenient, economical pad with 3 peel away layers compensates for leg length discrepancies that can cause foot, knee, hip and back problems also proven very effective in relieving achilles tendonitis pain
  • Balances leg length differences that can cause biomechanical problems
  • Interchangeable for left or right foot 3/8 total thickness includes 2 removable 1/8 layers to adjust height
  • Soft, durable rubber construction with suede leather top cover

Size: Large
SKU: 6582-L
McKesson Item # 65843000

Size: Medium
SKU: 6582-M
McKesson Item # 65833000

Size: Small, 3/8 Inch
SKU: 6582-S
McKesson Item # 65823000