AeroEclipse II ® Breath Actuated Nebulizer by Monaghan Medical


The AeroEclipse II ® Breath Actuated Nebulizer is a significant advancement in small volume nebulizers because it only creates aerosol in response to inhalation.  As you inhale, only then does the medication become aerosolized, resulting in medication not being wasted between breaths or if you need to take a break. You are in control of your aerosol treatment.

AeroEclipse II ® Breath Actuated Nebulizer (BAN) features includes:

  • Built-in mode selector provides convenient, easy selection of Breath actuated and Continuous operational modes. Green "feedback" button signals actuation and provides a visual assist to proper
    use and breathing technique
  • Diaphragm and grid system enhance actuation sensitivity thereby lowering triggering point–only 15 LPM of inspiratory effort is required to trigger the device.
  • One-way exhalation valve virtually eliminates the mixing of inspirate and expirite.
  • Ergonomic size and shape fit comfortably in the hand. Clarified polypropylene allows easy visualization of molded-in fill lines.
  • Molded-in fill lines 0.5 ml to 6 ml.
  • One-quarter turn assembly firmly attaches top to cup.
  • Air entertainment through the back of the nebulizer conditions the aerosol and improves delivery of fine particle mass.