Arginaid Extra® Orange Burst Arginine Supplement, 8 oz. Tetra Brik

Arginine Supplement Arginaid Extra® Orange Burst Flavor 8 oz. Tetra Brik Ready to Use
  • Arginaid Extra supports the management of:
    • pressure injuries, for example, bedsores, also known as decubitus ulcers
    • stage 3, stage 4 and unstageable wounds
    • chronic wounds
    • burn injuries
  • Arginaid Extra ready-to-drink beverage:
    • provides calories and protein, as well as other essential nutrients required to maintain lean muscle mass
    • contains supplemental levels of zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E
  • Diabetics should look to Arginaid Powder for help with diabetic foot ulcers
  • Orange burst flavor

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