CanDo® Exercise Band Loop

Exercise Band Loop CanDo® Low Powder Yellow 10 Inch X-Light Resistance
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • High quality latex band pre-formed into a loop
  • Use the pre-made exercise loop to perform almost any upper or lower body exercise
  • Highly portable band can be taken anywhere
  • Lengths represent loop when it is flat
  • Loops are 3 inches wide

Color: Yellow, Size: X-Light Resistance; 10 Inch
SKU: 10-5251
McKesson Item # 52517700

Color: Red, Size: Light Resistance; 10 Inch
SKU: 10-5252
McKesson Item # 52527700

Color: Black, Size: X-Heavy Resistance; 10 Inch
SKU: 10-5255
McKesson Item # 52557700