Chemosafety™ Chemical Waste Receptacle

Chemotherapy Waste Container SharpSafety™ 18 Gallon Yellow Base Vertical Entry Sliding Lid
  • Sealing gasketed lids provide leak resistant containment of fluids
  • Absorbent pad inside of container helps absorb excess liquid inside of container
  • Adjustable sliding lid reduces the possibility of aerosolization and accommodates chemotherapy waste of various types and sizes
  • Available carts with wheels and built-in carrying handles for easy transport and lifting of heavy, full containers
  • Containers provide temporary and final locking closure for disposal
  • Nestable containers save valuable storage space

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 8939
McKesson Item # 89392800

Quantity: Case of 5
SKU: 8939
McKesson Item # 89392805