Drive Medical Bariatric Recliner

Bariatric Recliner Blue Ridge Vinyl Upholstered Four 5 Inch Casters With 2 Locks
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • Wide, comfortable armrests are angled to provide support in any reclined position
  • Neutral colored, sturdy steel frame is easy to clean and maintain
  • Self-adjusting suspension in the seat prevents bottoming out
  • Foam and vinyl meet California Flammability
  • Large, blow molded tray can be stored on the side of the chair
  • Durable, fully enclosed side panels securely attached to protect clothing and skin
  • Comfortable ""built in"" headrest
  • Adjustable seat straps
  • Moisture barrier on seat prevents seepage
  • 3 positions: upright, deep recline and elevated legrest / footrest

    • Color: Blue Ridge
      SKU: D574EW-BR

      Color: Rosewood
      SKU: D574EW-R