Dukal Non-Impregnated Wound Packing Strip, ¼ Inch x 5 Yard

Wound Packing Strip Dukal Gauze Non-impregnated 1/4 Inch X 5 Yard Sterile
  • Woven gauze fabric reduces linting and fraying
  • Waterproof top layer permits evaporation of excess moisture while protecting against viral/bacterial penetration, allowing the patient to shower and bathe
  • Soft, absorbent foam pad helps enhance patient comfort and absorb excess fluid
  • Hydrofiber layer with ionic silver that gels on contact with wound fluid and helps provide an optimal environment for wound healing
  • Tamper-evident seal helps ensure hygiene

Quantity Per Sell: Box of 12
SKU: 260
McKesson Item # 32112000