Entrust™ Performance Binaural Stethoscope

Classic Stethoscope McKesson Royal Blue 1-Tube 22 Inch Tube Double Sided Chestpiece
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • entrust™ Performance Dual-Head Scope - Royal Blue.
  • Lightweight combination diaphragm/bell chest piece for wide frequency response.
  • Proprietary diaphragm enhances acoustic response by 50% over traditional designs.
  • Non-chill bell ring and diaphragm rims.
  • Adjustable chrome-plated brass binaurals with PVC ear tips.
  • 22 inch PVC tubing.
  • Weighs 4 oz.
  • Overall length 31-1/2 inches.
  • 1-year Manufacturer Warranty.
  • Packaged: Each.