Hollister InView™ Male External Catheter, Large, Standard

Male External Catheter InView™ Self-Adhesive Silicone Large
  • Standard
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: 36 mm
  • Soft, breathable silicone is designed to be non-irritating and can be crimped for a custom fit
  • Transparent material allows for skin health monitoring while the catheter is in place
  • Skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent accidental detachment
  • Available in three styles to help ensure proper fit: Special: Shorter sheath length; Standard: Regular length and adhesive for daily wear; Extra: 70% more adhesive than standard for added security
  • Tapered tip fits most leg or night drainage bag systems, helping ensure a secure connection

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 97536
McKesson Item # 75361901

Quantity: Box of 30
SKU: 97536
McKesson Item # 75361900