McKesson 12"" Wide / 4 Panel Hook and Loop Closure 62 to 74"" 12"" Unisex Abdominal Binder, Large

Abdominal Binder McKesson Large, 12 Inch Wide / 4 Panel Hook and Loop Closure 62 to 74 Inch 12 Inch Unisex
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  • Available in small, medium and large, in both 9-inch and 12-inch widths, so patients can be fitted comfortably.
  • Packaged: Each
  • Hook and loop closures can be easily adjusted, unfastened and refastened, to allow for patient assessment.
  • Provide full, all-around compression to help support strains and weakness of the back, abdominal and rib cage areas.
  • The plush back-lining and gap-free stitching design allows the binder to conform to the body's contour for added comfort and wearability.
  • Large, 12-inch wide, 4-panel binder that stretches from 62""es to 74""es.
  • The multi-paneled elastic construction helps prevent the binder from riding up or folding over.
  • McKesson Abdominal Binders

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