McKesson General Purpose Drape Pack

General Purpose Drape Pack McKesson
  • Contents: 4-Utility Drapes with Tape, 15 X 26 Inch; 1-Large Sterile, Drape, 60 X 76 Inch; 1- Large Surgical Gown with Towel, Non-Reinforced, Set in Sleeve, Overwrap; 1- X-Large Surgical Gown, Non-Reinforced, Set in Sleeve, NonSterile; 1-Back Table Cover, Zone Reinforced, 44 X 90 Inch; 1-Mayo Stand Cover, Reinforced, 23 X 54 Inch

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 183-I86-12305-S
McKesson Item # 83342104

Quantity: Case of 4
SKU: 183-I86-12305-S
McKesson Item # 83342100