FlexWear™ Colostomy Barrier With Up to 2 Inch Stoma Opening

Ostomy Barrier FlexWear™ Trim to Fit, Standard Wear Adhesive Tape 70 mm Flange Blue Code System Hydrocolloid Up to 2 Inch Opening
  • Convex, trim-to-fit barrier for standard wear
  • 2¾ Inch flange
  • Built-in convexity means added security and skin protection for recessed, retracted and flush stomas
  • Eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with the exclusive Floating Flange
  • FlexWear skin barrier is formulated to resist breakdown
  • Color Match: Blue

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 14404
McKesson Item # 44404901

Quantity: Box of 5
SKU: 14404
McKesson Item # 44044900