Peptamen® Intense VHP Ready to Use Tube Feeding Formula, 8.45 oz. Tetra Prisma®

Tube Feeding Formula Peptamen® Intense VHP 8.45 oz. Tetra Prisma® Ready to Use Unflavored Adult
  • Tetra Prisma Adult Ready to Use
  • Unique protein to calorie ratio specifically designed to help meet the protein requirements of the critically ill with obesity recommended in the Critical Care Guidelines
  • Highest percentage of calories from protein (37%) of any complete tube feeding formula to help support maintenance of lean body mass
  • Lipid profile to support modulation of proinflammatory mediators in the critically ill
  • Carbohydrate level to help support the nutritional management of blood glucose
  • Antioxidant profile to support healthy cells
  • 4 g/L Prebio soluble fiber blend to help promote the growth of beneficial bacteria to help support digestive health

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