Procare® Surround® Air Ankle Support

Air Ankle Support Procare® Surround® Medium Hook and Loop Closure Right Ankle
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • Injection molded shells help minimize ankle rotation and inversion/eversion without restricting plantar or dorsi-flexion
  • Two full-length pre-inflated air chambers lined with soft foam help reduce swelling and enhance circulation
  • Air valve at proximal end of bladder allows for simple adjustment of air
  • Soft foam heel pad provides easy adjustment for proper fit

Size: Medium, Right Ankle
SKU: 79-81707
McKesson Item # 17073000

Size: Medium, Left Ankle
SKU: 79-81717
McKesson Item # 17173000

Size: Trainer
SKU: 79-81705
McKesson Item # 17053000