Protech™ Alarm System

Alarm System Protech™ Cream
  • Easily attaches to nurse call systems and is compatible with universal chair and bed sensors, seat belt systems, and the Protech™ floor mat sensor
  • Auto-reset functionality
  • Monitor is always on, making it impossible for staff to forget
  • Low battery indicator is located on the front of the monitor for easy visibility
  • Alarm indicator on the front of the monitor flashes when in alarm mode
  • Tamper resistant - all alarm settings are located inside the battery compartment: Hi/Remote volume, option to switch between a floor or sensor pad
  • Strain relief tab helps reduce strain on the sensor pad cable and protects the connection
  • Includes an unbreakable stainless steel mounting clip

Quantity Per Sell: 1
SKU: P-800300
McKesson Item # 12873200