Relief Pak® ColdSpot™ Black Urethane Pack, Neck Contour

Cold Pack Relief Pak® ColdSpot™ Neck Contoured 6 X 23 Inch Urethane Reusable
  • Reusable and ideal for applying cold therapy to localized area
  • Remains pliable and soft, even below freezing
  • Made of durable heavy-duty urethane exterior and bentonite clay interior, allowing it to hold its therapeutic temperature level for up to 30 minutes
  • Pack can be chilled in a chilling unit or freezer but should be wrapped in towel before applying to treatment area
  • Neck contour size measurement is 6 Inches by 23 Inches

Quantity Per Sell: 1
SKU: 11-1251
McKesson Item # 12513600