Relief Pak® ColdSpot™ Blue Vinyl Pack

Cold Pack Relief Pak® ColdSpot™ General Purpose Half Size 7 X 11 Inch Blue Vinyl Reusable
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • BREG's WrapOn Polar Pads have been designed to provide even distribution of cold therapy throughout the entire pad
  • These unique WrapOn Polar Pads incorporate elastic straps that wrap around the joint and affix to the foam-backed pad
  • While using a WrapOn Pad a patient may attain additional compression to the joint by increasing tension of the straps
  • ¦Three ultrasonically welded polyether/polyurethane sheets
  • ¦All pads have continuous flow matrix
  • WrapOn Pads are compatible with the Polar Care® 500, Polar Care 300 and the Polar Care Cub only