Respironics Oxygen Concentrator EverFlo™CONCTR 5L W/O O2 SENSOR #1020000

Oxygen Concentrator EverFlo™CONCTR 5L W/O O2 SENSOR 



Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is designed to be small, light, easy to transport, and will fit into the trunk of a car. It features an interface panel with on-or-off switch and alarm indicators. EverFlo from The Breathing Shop has an easy-to-mount humidifier bottle connection and no patient filter. Its molded handle is easy to pick up and transport with one or both hands.

Oxygen Everflo Concentrator Highlights

  • Lightweight and easy to transport at 31 pounds.
  • The Respironics oxygen concentrator provides up to 5 lpm of oxygen.

Everflo Oxygen Concentrator Features

  • Respironics Everflo Oxygen Concentrator is lightweight and easy to transport.
  • One of the quietest mainstream oxygen concentrators.
  • Uses less power and produces less heat, so it’s more patient-friendly.
  • Recessed flow meter helps reduce the chance of accidental breakage.
  • Durable metal cannula connection is less likely to break.
  • Humidifier Bottle Platform is designed to be compatible with all bottle styles and features an easy-to-use velcro closure.
  • Internal tubing storage keeps tubing conveniently available for use.
  • Humidifier bottle holder compatible with all bottle styles.

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications



Input voltage

120 VAC +/- 10%

Input frequency


Average power consumption

350 watts

Oxygen concentration (at 5lpm)

93% (+/- 3%)

Liter flow

0.5 to 5 liters per minute


31lbs (14kg)

Sound level

45dBA typical


23"H x 15"W x 9.5"D (584mm x 381mm x 241mm)

Required maintenance

Compressor intake filter: change every 2 years

OPI (Oxygen Percentage Indicator) alarm levels

Low oxygen: 82%, very low oxygen: 70%

Operating temperature

55°F to 90°F (12°C to 32°C)

Storage/transport humidity

-30°F to 160°F (-34°C to 71°C) up to 95% relative humidity

Operating humidity

Up to 95% relative humidity

Outlet pressure


Operating altitude

0 to 7,500; (0 to 2,286 m)

Oxygen Concentrator Warranty

2-year extended warranty with compressor.