Restore Contact Layer Flex Dressing

Contact Layer Flex Dressing Restore 6 X 8 Inch Sterile
  • Comfortable for Patient During Application and While in Place.
  • Can Be Shaped to Fit Contours of Deep or Irregular Wounds, and in Difficult Anatomical Locations.
  • Virtually Pain-Free Dressing Removal for Enhanced Patient Comfort.
  • Forms a Gel in the Presence of Exudate to Help Maintain a Moist Wound Interface.
  • Dressing’s Gentle Tack Helps Hold Dressing in Place and Minimizes Trauma to the Wound Bed.
  • Can Be Used on a Wide Variety of Wound Types, and in Conjunction with NPWT.
  • Sterile.

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McKesson Item # 64892001

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