SenSura Mio 1-Piece Pouch, Maxi, with Window, Both Pre-Cut and Cut-to-Fit, 1-5/8 (40mm) 1-5/8" - 2-1/4"(40-55mm)

SenSura Mio 1-piece closed pouch, maxi, opaque with window and filter. Functions as both pre-cut and cut-to-fit, 1-5/8 (40mm, pre-cut) 1-5/8" - 2-1/4"(40-55mm, cut-to-fit). SenSura Mio is designed with individual body shapes in mind. It features a new elastic barrier, pliable to individual body contours, creating a secure fit. Responsive to natural body movements, maintaining a secure fit. Designed with inspection and inspection window. Combines discretion of an opaque pouch with the advantage of transparency during fitting.

Quantity Per Sell: Box of 30
SKU: 10835
Independence Item # 6210835