Sheer Plastic Adhesive Bandage

Adhesive Strip Dynarex 1 X 3 Inch Plastic Rectangle Sheer Sterile
  • Self-adhesive wound dressing made of a soft non-woven fabric as support material
  • Wound dressing pad covered with a non-adherent microgrid wound-contact layer
  • Highly absorbent and good padding effect
  • Rapid drainage of exudate through to the microgrid layer
  • Skin-friendly through a hypoallergenic polyacrylate adhesive

Quantity: Each item
SKU: 3602
McKesson Item # 36022001

Quantity: Box of 100
SKU: 3602
McKesson Item # 36022000

Quantity: Case of 2400
SKU: 3602
McKesson Item # 36022024