Silicone-Elastomer Coated Closed System Foley Catheter Tray 16 Fr 10 cc

Silicon-Elastomer coated closed system foley catheter tray, 16 fr, 10 ml bag. An innovative manufacturing process provides the maximum amount of silicone coating available. Latex catheter coated internally and externally to resist encrustation and bacterial colonization. Each of the Foley trays contains: compartmentalized prep tray, wrapped Aloetouch 3G gloves, 3 pre-saturated PVP swabsticks, moisture-proof underpad, fenestrated drape, 10ml sterile water syringe, water soluble lube jelly, specimen container with ID label, CSR wrap, and a Silicone-Elastomer coated latex Foley catheter pre-connected to a 400 mL urine meter and 2500 mL drain bag. Sterile.

Quantity Per Sell: 1
SKU: DYND11003
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