Sklarhone™ Procedure Scissors

Sklarhone™ Dissecting Scissors Metzenbaum-Nelson 9 Inch Premium OR Grade Stainless Steel NonSterile Finger Ring Handle Curved Blunt/Blunt
Quantity per Sell: 1
  • Used for dissecting and cutting tissue only.
  • These scissors are not recommended for cutting sutures or drains.
  • This scissors tend to be shorter than traditional Metzenbaum scissors.
  • Sklarhone™ scissors feature one knife-like razor sharp edge and one standard scissor edge.This allows the user to make the sharp incisions of a knife with the cutting ability of scissors.
  • Catching skin and pulls are minimized by the use of Sklarhone™ premium scissors.
  • Sklarhone™ instruments are identified by dual black finger rings.
  • This product is curved, has one razor edge blade, blunt tips, and an overall length of 9 inches.

SKU: 15-3315
McKesson Item # 15332501