Thick-It® Clear Advantage® Nectar Consistency Coffee Thickened Decaffeinated Beverage, 8 oz.

Thickened Decaffeinated Beverage Thick-It® Clear Advantage® 8 oz. Container Bottle Coffee Flavor Ready to Use Nectar Consistency
  • Thickened with xanthan gum, thickened coffee will remain in the acceptable viscosity range: Regardless of the temperature, it won't get thicker over time
  • Just like regular coffee, this thickened coffee is cholesterol free and fat free, with low calories and no added sugar
  • Adding up to 1⅛ teaspoon of milk or liquid cream per 8-oz cup will not effect viscosity
  • Available in resealable 8 fl. oz. bottle ready-to-drink whenever you are
  • Mildly thick or nectar consistency as rated by the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative

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Quantity: Case of 24
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