Trotter Mobility Rehab Stroller Colored Upholstery Replacement

This colored upholstery replaces the black upholstery that comes standard with the Trotter Mobility Chairs. It is easily removable for washing. Strong and durable.Features and BenefitsColored upholstery easily replaces standard black upholsteryEasily removable for washingFor Trotter Mobility ChairProduct SpecificationsActual Product Weight: 1 lbsOverall Product Height: 0.5"Overall Product Length: 33.5"(tr 12sb), 38"(tr 14sb), 39.5"(tr 16sb), 42"(tr 18sb)Overall Product Width: 11.75"(tr 12b), 13.75"(tr 14sb), 15.5"(tr 16sb), 17.5"(tr 18sb)Primary Product Color: Blue, RosePrimary Product Material: NylonWarranty: 2 Year LimitedModel # tr 12sb-b, tr 12sb-r, tr 14sb-b, tr 14sb-r, tr 16sb-b, tr 16sb-r, tr 18sb-b, tr 18sb-rColor: BlueDrive Item # tr 14sb-bColor: RedDrive Item # tr 14sb-r